Brightly lit parking decks offering easy access to the center (north and south of the center). The decks feature nine convenient elevators,  62 handicapped parking spaces, 22 entrances with automatic doors and 94 strategically located push-for-assistance boxes. The boxes ring directly into the center's security office for help with lost cars, locked-in keys and other car and safety concerns. RV parking is available in the South deck on the 1st level. Parking rates apply.

Valet Parking (Monticello Avenue entrance)

Located at Monticello Avenue entrance.  Available for only $6 and operates during the following times: 

  • Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM to 11:00 PM 
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

*Motorcoaches/School Buses are not permitted at valet and must drop-off in the South Parking Deck 

What are your parking rates?

Monday - Friday Rates:

$1 for first 3 hours before 6 p.m.
$2 every hour after that, before 6 p.m.
After 6 p.m ., a flat charge of $2.00
Maximum $10.00.

Saturday & Sunday Rates:

$1 before 6 p.m.
$2 after 6 p.m.
Maximum $3.00

Cinema patrons: See a movie, stay for 3 hours or less, show your validated ticket stub to the parking attendant and park for $0.50.

HRT Paratransit Drop Off: 

Paratransit drop off is located at Monticello Avenue entrnace. If you require wheelchairs or motorized carts, please contact Guest Services at (757) 622-0500. 

Motorcoach/School Bus Parking: 

Motorcoach groups and/or school bus groups may drop off their guests in our South Parking deck located off of City Hall Avenue.  The drop off area is located at the S1 Entrance by The Barbershop & Co. Motorcoaches and school buses must then proceed to Harbor Park for off-site parking.

If you would like to schedule a Guest Services meet & greet, please visit our Group Experiences page and register your group. 

Wounded Warrior Parking: 

10 reserved parking spots can be found in North and South Parking Decks at MacArthur Center for wounded men service men and women. These spots are designated by signage and are listed below: 

North deck:

  • Level 4, Food Court entrance, aisle A
  • Level 2, aisle A

South Deck:

  • Level 4, Barnes & Noble, aisle A
  • Level 4, Dillard’s, aisle C
  • Level 2, Dillard’s, aisle D
  • Level 2, Norfolk Tailor, aisle A
  • Level 2, Regis, aisle A
  • Level 1, Dillard’s, aisle D
  • Level 1, Barber Shop, aisle A
  • Level 1, Health & Relaxation, aisle A

* The parking garages at MacArthur Center are owned by the City of Norfolk.

Parking Director
Barbara Walker
(757) 314-4421 

Does Guest Services or any of the stores validate parking?

No. However, if you watch a movie at our movie theater, Regal Cinemas, and show your ticket stub at the movie ticket counter, Regal will validate your parking ticket for $0.50 for the initial 3 hours only. Regular parking rates apply after 3 hours. If you have any parking questions or issues, please call MacArthur Center Parking at (757) 314- 4421.

Who do I contact if I have a parking issue?

For customer service issues related to parking, please contact MacArthur Center Parking at (757) 314-4421.

What is the difference between the North and South Deck parking garage?

South Deck: All signage and exit booths are RED. Garage entrances are off of City Hall Avenue, City Hall Avenue & Bank Street (service entrance) and Cumberland Street. RV and over-sized parking is available on the first level in the South Deck garage through the use of the service entrance.  Height restriction for upper levels is 7 feet.

North Deck: All signage and exit booths are BLUE. Garage entrances are off of Market Street. Height restriction for upper levels is 7 feet.

If I’m riding my bike, where can I park it?

Bike racks are conveniently located throughout the parking decks.  Please lock up your bike at one of the following locations:

  •  North 1 Entrance by Kay Jewelers
  •  South 1 Entrance by Lenscrafters
  •  South 1 Entrance by Underground by Journeys
  •  Freemason Entrance by MacArthur Watch & Jewelry Repair
  • Monticello Entrance by California Pizza Kitchen
  • Monticello Entrance by Texas de Brazil